Dec 1, 2023

Tips and Tricks for Your Green NYC Move

Tips and Tricks for Your Green NYC Move

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If you have planned to move in the future, you should consider the green NYC move. It means that you should move in accordance with environment protection program. On the other hand, it means that your moving could be cheaper, safer and maybe easier thanks to the environment protection that you have achieved. In past decades scientists more and more warn us on pollution, Ozon layer damages and devastation of nature. The moving process always presumes to leave the trash and wasting of energy. If we add to that the fact the more than 7 million US citizens have moved in past years we understand why moving should be greener.

Green relocation - how to

  • Consider of using eco-friendly moving boxes- it will also save the nature, just imagine that bunch of boxes after moving;
  • Since you must travel by vehicles on fuel, it releases CO2 in the air and affects on pollution;
  • All those waiting and losing the time on small and not necessary things waste your time and increase pollution;
  • Green NYC move presumes less trash - there is a lot of trash after moving, most of those things are not bio-degradable;
  • You will use a lot of energy for moving - mostly electric energy which causes pollution at some level.

So, as in any other cases, protecting the environment is very important when moving. However, it will not just save nature, but your money and time, too. Do not mention the great feeling after moving, when you have done everything to protect our fragile planet.

Pollution that could be stopped with green NYC move, too

There are so many ways to protect our planet even while moving

Preparation for green NYC moving

Since you have decided to go green, you should prepare the whole process differently. It does not presume only finding cheap boxes. You have to think green and in the way of protecting the environment. The best way is to make a plan and then check what to do to avoid environmental degradation.

Make a precise plan

You should have a plan for moving whether it is green or not. However, if you want to organize true green NYC moving, you should follow a few steps. Make sure that every step you will make when moving is as ecological as it is possible. Organize moving so you can find the right time to start packing. Also, find the sites that donate the boxes or ask for used packages in stores.

Find place remotely

When finding a place, you will lose time searching for the new home. It includes CO2 released in the air from your vehicle, too. A much better way is to find a new place on the internet. You can organize visiting the possible options in one day. For all other details, you can easily make a deal with the house owner on the internet.

A green car driven on sun

We cannot drive green cars but we can save time when moving

Packing could follow green NYC moving plan, too

As we said above, you should consider using old boxes for moving. However, green NYC moving does not mean just finding a cheap package. You can pack so your stuff does not make trash. Especially pay attention to packages that we usually use for protection, like plastic wraps.

Renting of the boxes

Using the old boxes is the easiest and cheapest way to protect the environment that you can do. You can simply use your old packages if you have, or ask in liquid stores for their - they have the strongest boxes. However, there are recycling boxes on the internet, too. Luckily somebody has figured that you can make green box rentals services.

Get rid off the stuff

You surely have so much to throw away in your closet. The only that stops you to do that is your emotions or memories those stuff remind you on. However, if you have green NYC move in your head, you will easily throw off everything that you do not use anymore. Or, even better, donate them.

Declutter the furniture

The main goal when moving is to use as less space as it is possible. So, if you take your furniture with you, you should declutter before you move. You will put in the smaller boxes and they will be light-weight. A perfect combination that presumes less energy that you will use later.

Do not overload the boxes

It is hard but highly important for green NYC moving. Heavy boxes take more energy for moving. More energy means more electricity that powerplants have to produce. It also means more CO2 in the air etc.

Neutralize the effects of your moving as it is possible

After your moving is finished, you still have a job to protect the environment. You should remove those old boxes and packages so they do not damage the environment. However, you can make your impact on nature less destroying. The most important is to keep in mind that everything that you do must be in harmony with nature.

Boxes on the shelf

You can make great DIY projects from used boxes after moving

Recycle after move

Do not forget that most of the things that you have used in moving you can recycle. Especially boxes are great recycling material. You can donate them, or borrow. However, if you do not want to use them anymore, you can make compost. Since they are made of natural materials, they are bio-degradable. In New York, you can leave them in the NYC Sanitation Department.

Buy carbon offset pack

You may not be able to change the fact that your moving is a catastrophe for the environment. Whatever you do, you cannot do much to protect the environment. So, you may do something else instead. There is a company that sells carbon offset pack as a replacement for the devastation you have made with your moving. You can simply calculate how much you have destroyed after moving and pay your pack that much. The money you gave them goes to environment protection. Imagine 7 million Americans who pay for that every year! It is the best green NYC move that you can do.