Dec 1, 2023

Tips for decluttering before moving

Tips for decluttering before moving

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When you are moving, it is recommended that you get rid of certain things. Since you will only relocate the items you actually need, decluttering before moving is the best thing that you can do. You will save a lot of money and if you rent reusable moving boxes you will save even more.Besides this, you will also have more space in your new home. There will be no chaos, drawers that are full, or a closet that you can't use. Make things easier by choosing to keep only that which you use. We have some tips that might help your out in this process.

If you are decluttering before moving - give yourself enough time

Moving is a stressful process. Leaving your home, starting a new adventure can be challenging. And if you start decluttering before the relocation without giving yourself a little bit of time to process what is happening - you will just be even more stressed. You can even try to create a schedule and you can declutter room by room. That is a great way to downsize your home and decide what you actually need really slowly, without any pressure.

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Give yourself time when decluttering and moving.

Start using extras

One of the first steps that you can do is to start using the extra items that you have. We all like to stockpile and you probably have 5 different shampoos or creams. And the best way to start decluttering before moving is to actually start using all those items you have in stock. You can find cheapplastic bins for moving but you do not have to fill them up with unused items that you will only throw away. Fill your plastic bins with items that you will use, and that you really need in your new home.

Valuable items and mementos should be last

When you are decluttering your home before relocation, mementos should be last. If you start let's say from the kitchen you will easily decide what you want in your new kitchen. Decluttering will be easy and smooth. But on the other side, if you start with valuable items, gifts, mementos you will only get frustrated and stressed. It is hard to make a decision when it comes to the items that have some sentimental value. And if you are moving to a smaller apartment - you will have to choose what you would like to keep. And that process can be hard!

Create a system when you are decluttering before moving

When you are decluttering you need a clear system of how you will handle all of your belongings. You need to create a system that you can easily follow. And that will also help you to label your boxes, pack them, and feel relaxed. The most common way to successfully declutter your home before moving is to use the system of three boxes.

Woman with boxes she will use when decluttering before moving.

When decluttering before moving, create a system and try to follow it.One of the three boxes is the box where you will place only the items you really need in your new home. The box for the things you will keep. But, think carefully before you place something into this box since you should avoid moving things from one box to another. The second box is the donate box. It should contain items that are still good to use, but you simply don't need or don't have enough place in your new home. There are a lot of different places where you can donate all of the items you don't need. The last box is the box that will give you a lot of headaches. And that is why you need to stick to the rule that there is no taking back or moving the items you placed in any of the boxes.

When do you start decluttering before moving - how to know what to keep?

Once you started to declutter you will face one question. How to know what to keep? How to decide what you actually need? Especially if you got reusable moving totes and it is easy to relocate them and keep them in your new home. Some of the basic guidelines when it comes to this are simple. When it comes to clothes - ask yourself did you wear it in the last year? if the answer is no, well you know what to do. You should put it into a throwaway box or the donate box. If you have multiple sets of the same items - this is the moment when you should get rid of them. They will only take space and you won't actually use them.

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Keep the items that only fulfill your checklist of questions.

What to do with your pantry?

One of the places in your home that can slow down the decluttering process is the pantry. So, once you start packing this room check all the items. Check their expiration dates. If the expiration date is close, and you can not use it before you move it is better to donate it. Also, if you have some old make-up now is the time to throw it away. You don't need items that expired or they are close to the expiration date. Empty your fridge, pantry, and bathroom from any items that are unused or close to the expiration date.

The essential box is important

When you are relocating, it is very important to have an essential box. This box will help you once you are done decluttering and packing. And also, it will be of great use when you arrive at your new home. This box should contain some basic things you might need in the first couple of days. Linens, towels, clothes, meds. Anything that you will use as soon as you arrive you your new home. It will make the transition much easier, and it will also save you a lot of money and time. Remember, decluttering before moving is important and does not have to be a complicated job if you follow these tips.