Dec 1, 2023

Tips for expats moving to NYC

Tips for expats moving to NYC

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Are you planning to move to NYC soon? This amazing city offers a lot of business and life opportunities alike! It is both enormous and incredible and you should not miss out on any of it. If you are not sure about how to proceed with your New York City move or even after it, do not worry! We have prepared a short guide with tips for expats moving to NYC. So, without any further ado, let us begin!

What should expats moving to NYC do?

Well, there is not a definite answer to this question. You will need to prepare a lot for your NYC move. For example, a good idea might be to call someone like plastic moving bins NYC to make sure your packing goes according to plan. It will make your move easier.

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most known landmarks in New York City!

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most known landmarks in New York CityHowever, there are some other things you should prepare for:

  • Packing. This is arguably the hardest part of the move. You need to make sure you bring along everything you need before coming to New York. This is different than moving to NYC as a student - you are an expat, a person who will be moving there for work, most likely. You need to pack everything you will need during your stay there. Good organization is the key, and what better way to start it than with packing?
  • The move itself. The move itself is not the biggest problem you will face. For example, all the things prior to the move might be a problem. However, there are ways to deal with that. You should find a good moving company and let it help you with your move. You need to know the traits of reliable movers, but that should not be a problem. There are plenty of guides online, so feel free to check them out.

Some things to keep in mind

The move to New York is only the first step of your journey. However, you need to make sure that everything is executed as it should. Keep track of time and keep track of your move. You also need to be both physically and mentally prepared for the journey into one of the most known cities in the world! You should be excited, and with due rights! This is true unless you need to move to NYC on short notice. Then forget everything we mentioned and start packing right away!

What can expats moving to NYC expect in there?

Once again, there is no definite answer to this question.

Yellow cabs in New York

Yellow cabs in New York are its trademark.We can provide a short guide only and we hope that you will find it useful:

  • Expect people being late. New York is a massive city! It does not matter if you take one of the famous yellow cabs there or public transport, you will most likely be always late. People living in New York are quite used to this. Even if you are right on time for something, the person you are supposed to meet will most likely not be there. Thus, you will have to get used to this aspect of the life in New York. Who knows, you might even like the more "relaxed" version than the one you are probably used to.
  • There is a lot of people with different cultures. New York is like an American embassy - it is full with people around the world. So, with that being said, you will probably never feel alone, no matter where you come from. There are people and communities from every country in the world living in New York. In at least some parts of the city you will always feel like home. So, if you are ever worried about this, please don't! You will find that New York is one of the most hospitable places on the planet!

Other things you can expect in New York City

New York is incredibly big and it can sometimes be a problem. Remember when you needed to rent moving bins NYC? You might want to keep the contact, who knows if you will need their services again! However, you will enjoy some of the following:

  • Food. New York has arguably the best pizza in the country. You can find anything there (except maybe Chicago deep dish pizza in most places), but when regular pizza is concerned, New York is mecca. There are a lot of other food varieties - from typical "American comfort food" to exotic cuisine. One thing is for certain - you will never be hungry in New York!
  • Nightlife. People from New York know how to party. When you are not working and have a few days off, it might be worth visiting some of the clubs in the city. The parties are still up and running even after dawn in most places. New York never sleeps, so why should you?

Depending on your business in New York, you can expect either to commute or to relocate every now and then.

A New York style pizza

It does not matter if you are one of the expats moving to NYC, everyone would enjoy a good slice of pizza!

Here are some more tips:

  • People. While most people from New York never have time for anything, once they do they are really hospitable. You will certainly form lifelong friendships in New York City. And you will meet a lot of different types of people in there. As a real melting pot of culture, New York only offers the best. Make sure to not stick to your comfort zone. Go out and explore the city!
  • Comfort. Overall, New York is really a comfortable city. You can spend your lazy days in the parks or in the streets. There is always something to see in New York. The city can be a perfect spot for relaxing after a long day at work. Try it out, you will love it!


If you are one of the expats moving to NYC, we can proudly say that you will love it in there. New York is one of the most amazing places on earth and you will certainly live your life to the fullest there. Who knows, maybe you even decide to move there permanently? Do not worry, New York City can leave such a mark on someone even after a few weeks! We hope that you enjoyed our guide, it was a pleasure making it for you!