Dec 1, 2023

Tips for handling leftover packing materials

Tips for handling leftover packing materials

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One of the most daunting moving-related tasks is handling leftover packing materials. Your house is riddled with them. What’s more, they’re literally everywhere. Not to mention getting them was challenging in terms of time and budget. Using them was hard owing to heavy lifting involved. It goes without saying unpacking was stressful. By the time you need to tackle getting rid of them, you’re knackered. It seems impossible to come up with any valid reason what on Earth you’re supposed to do with leftover packing materials. Actually, you run out of ideas on how to deal with it while ago. Well, here are a few ideas you might find useful. Hopefully, these will jog your memory.

Leftover packing cardboard boxes

Handling leftover packing materials is no joke

Save our planet by recycling

One of the major concerns of nowadays society is the lack of environmental awareness. In order to contribute to the importance of it, set an example yourself. Recycling is a good way to do so. We tend to spend tons of paper thus destroying the forests. This is why recycling is one of the very best ways of handling leftover packing materials.By doing so, the same box can be reused instead of wasted. Consequently, you prolong the life of a tree. How can you recycle? Well, it’s fairly easy. All you have to do is to dispose of the boxes by putting them in an eco-friendly dustbin. They usually have labels with the recycle signs all over them. Correspondingly, someone else can rent reusable moving boxes.If you’re willing to put into the extra effort, take these to the nearby recycling facility

Spread the word

Make use of social media and publicly announce you have moving bins to spare. Odds are people will get in touch with you soon enough. This is one of the ways to tighten the belt when moving. At the same time, you get to declutter by getting rid of the pile of boxes. In brief, this is a win-win situation. You kill two birds with one stone.

A man with a megaphone

Facilitate handling leftover packing materials by spreading the word about having some to get rid ofAlso, you can spread the word in your neighborhood.In case you want to go an extra mile, distribute the leaflets in public places nearby. Don’t forget to write down your phone number so that people can reach you.If you prefer old-school methods, ask your

  • family members
  • friends
  • acquaintances

to help you.

Offer them to animal shelters

On one hand, you’re willing to go through great lengths to move with pets. On the other hand, homeless stray dogs are a heart-breaking sight. You can do a good deed and donate the packing leftovers to animal shelters. Kind-hearted people running those centers will benefit immensely from this. The animal lovers volunteering in shelters use those as improvised pet houses.

A dog in a pet shelter

One of the ways of handling leftover packing materials is to donate them to pet sheltersOn the other hand, the boxes make excellent cat litter containers. The cheap plastic bins for moving will do the trick as well. If you’re a cat person, take your boxes to animal shelters and give them a hand saving kittens. Keep in mind the world doesn’t change by your opinion, but by your example. So, contact the Animal league as soon as possible.

Use some as your pet’s toys

Do you have a pet? Do you love it and care deeply for it? Obviously, the answer is yes. However, you just can’t make to play with your furball around the clock. Consequently, you need to make it up to it. The best way to do so is to get your fur friends a few toys to play with. So, turn your plastic moving bins into your pet’s toys.For example, rabbits enjoy chewing egg containers. By the same token, any other piece of cardboard will come in handy. Are cardboard boxes better than plastic bins for packing? Yes. Having used those, rip them and make your pet happy. It will indulge itself in cardboard chewing for hours. At the same time, it will be thrilled to make a noise. This is how you can reuse packing paper as well.

Keep a few boxes in case of DIY projects

It’s always a good idea to keep a bunch of moving boxes at hand just in case. You never know when you might need them again. Does your child love science projects? If this is the case, the boxes are life-saver. They are versatile in terms of purpose, hence using some as storage bins as well is highly recommendable.Do you have a green thumb? Well, this is another perk of having a number of boxes lying around just in case. Winter is coming and your plants need cover.


There are myriads of ways of handling leftover packing materials. To begin with, you can recycle them thus preserving our environment.Being ecologically aware is of paramount importance to survive. Next, you might help other people undergoing moving at the moment. They will make use of it without a shadow of a doubt. Besides, reducing moving expenses is never a bad thing. With this in mind, start spreading the news. Post your announcement on social media or let your neighbors know about it.Additionally, you may take some to the animal shelters. Given tons of people toss the pets out more once they’re fed up with them, any help is more than welcome. Similarly, you should save some so that your pet can enjoy itself by chewing it and making noise.