Dec 1, 2023

Tips for storing your book collection

Tips for storing your book collection

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Organizing your home can be a fun activity, but it can also be very tiring. It can be a little bit challenging deciding how to store certain things. Storage is often a problem that many people face when settling into their new home. When it comes to storing your book collection, for example, you need to find the right storage space where you can fit it. You can be more or less creative depending on your needs and wishes. Different sized apartments allow different types of storage. Get the best plastic containers for moving to transport your books properly and start thinking about the unpacking. If you're thinking of ways to store your book collection, here are some ideas that might help you.

What to do before storing your book collection

Before you pack your books for relocation, you need to buy or rent moving supplies. But, after the move, what you need to do is prepare your books for storage. Before you start putting your books away on shelves, you should give them some love.

  • Dust the books a little bit to make sure they aren't covered in dust after the move. We rarely think to wipe our books clean, so this is the perfect opportunity to do that.
  • Before you put your book collection away, air your books for a little while. The books that have a weird smell to them or that seem damp need a bit of air. Put them outside for some time before storing them away.

The best place for storing your books

Books have a lot of value and that's why you don't want to place them just anywhere. You need to make sure the room you're storing your book collection in has the appropriate conditions. Some places are simply not meant for storing books, and it's important to be aware of that. Places like the basement and the attic are probably not the best places to store your books in. Those rooms are most likely damp, humid and they are prone to be moldy. Books don't like those conditions.Instead of keeping your book collection in rooms that aren't the appropriate environment, here are the places that are safe for books. The ideal places for books are rooms that are dry and cool. Try not to expose your books to direct sunlight either, as it can damage their cover pages. So, find a room in your home that meets these requirements and start storing your books there.

Storing your book collection on shelves

The most obvious place to store your books is shelves. Just like you can organize every room of your house with plastic bins, you can store most of your belongings on shelves. Although this is a popular way to store all your books, there are different types of shelves to choose from. Depending on the size of your book collection, you can determine what kind of shelves you'll need.

  • If you don't have an excessive number of books, you can go for a few floating shelves. They don't take up space in your room and they look pretty great when you fill them out with books. You can decide where you'd like to put them. They are quite simple but very useful.
Two floating shelves. These types of shelves are great for storing your book collection.
  • Floating shelves are great for storing your book collection if you don't own a lot of books.
  • In case your book collection is large, you'll need a different solution. What you should do is try to find a shelving unit that you like. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are a very good option for anyone who needs a lot of storage space. They are a great way to fill an empty space in a large room, but you'll also be able to use them for all of your books. The shelves can cover an entire wall and you can rest assured that they can carry your entire book collection.
A big bookshelf filled with books
  • You'll definitely be able to fit your book collection into big, floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Tips for smaller apartments

  • If you live in a small apartment and floor-to-ceiling shelves can't exactly fit into one of your rooms, don't worry. You just need to get creative. One of the options for storing your book collection is turning your hallway into a library. Place a big shelving unit in your hallway and put your books away.
  • People who live in studio apartments can easily use a big bookshelf to act as a wall. Place the bookshelf between your living room and bedroom, for example. That way, you get book storage and privacy at the same time.

Get creative when storing your book collection

Sure, shelves are great for storing all your books, but there are other options, too. Try to think outside the box when you're thinking of places to store your books at.

  • Stack your books on top of each other and keep them in a secluded corner of your home. Make sure that sturdy books are at the bottom of the piles. This is an interesting way to keep your books in one place.
Books stacked on each other.
  • Stacking your books on top of each other is another way of storing your book collection. Just be careful with where you place the stacks of books.
  • Store your books in storage bins. If you simply have too many books and you can't think of another way to store them, get some boxes you can use. You can put the boxes in one of your rooms, or in a storage unit. Just make sure the books are protected and stored in good conditions.
  • Use stacks of books as a DIY shelf or coffee table.

Storing your book collection

Storing your book collection isn't that difficult when you know how to do it. Think about the size of your book collection and get the appropriate storage space for it. Try to declutter your books before you put them into boxes and move house. If there are books you don't want to bring over to your new home, get rid of them.