Dec 1, 2023

Tips for Successful Last-Minute Packing

Tips for Successful Last-Minute Packing

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In a perfect scenario, you will have all the time in the world to prepare and do all the moving tasks. Since life isn't a fairy tale, last-minute packing is something that most people are facing when relocating. The time is passing so fast, and when you turn, the moving day is lurking just around the corner. While you haven't packed not one box. There's no point in stressing out. With a faster paste and great organization, packing in the last minute doesn't have to be so horrifying as it sounds.

Tasks to do before last-minute packing

No matter what the reason for your late packing is, the point is to get going. Don't dwell on the time that is gone. You can't get it back, so there's no point to stress even further. This is the time to really step up your game. However, there are some steps to take before you start your actual packing. Those tasks can be time-consuming, but it will make your packing on your own much easier.

Make a packing plan

Trying to do all the tasks of your last-minute packing without a plan will make you feel like the deer caught in front on the headlights. Moving is chaotic, but moving on the tight schedule it can be really frustrating. However, if you don't have some form of a plan, it will be more difficult.Take a little time to organize and write things down. That doesn't have to be an elaborate plan, just the one that will at least give you some pointers.

Sticky note - you can write your last-minute packing plan on it

Make the packing plan in the form of the checklist and monitor your progress.


The math is simple - the less stuff you have, the less time you will need to pack them. Also, you save some money, since you won't be needing that much moving supplies. There are certainly some things in your home that you no longer need.Going from room to room, checking your closet and your cabinets will reveal that there is a lot of such items. So get your boxes and start decluttering!Make some order by making three piles:

  • Donate - Items that are in the decent condition or can be easily repaired, but you no longer need. Someone can benefit from them.
  • Garbage pile - Things that are beyond repair.
  • Pack pile - Items that you wish to relocate.

Usually, there is also a sell pile when you're decluttering your home. Those are the items that are in good condition. The ones that you can sell on the garage sale or through online websites like eBay.However, when you are facing last-minute packing, the chances are that you won't have time for that. It's better to donate them than to waste valuable time trying to sell them. If you have high-value things that you no longer need, you can relocate them among your household items and sell after the move.

Ask for help when you're facing last-minute packing

When you're in the time crunch, you will need all the help that you can get. Movers that you hired can help you in transporting your goods, but if you didn't purchase their additional packing services, you're on your own.Speaking ofprofessional packers, if your budget allows you, this is the moment to call them. They will pack your entire household in the safest and quickest way.When that's not the case, turn to your friends and family. You will need all hands on deck, so this isn't the time to be shy. Arrange some snacks or order pizza, and this tiring task can become a useful hang out with your loved ones.


Your friends will be eager to help, but if you mention free pizza the will be more happy about it.

Pack, don't think!

When you're packing in the hurry, you need to work quickly. That doesn't mean that your things don't need protection. Especially when you're packing fragile items. However, some items you can just throw into the box and sort later. Keep your eye on the prize and take some last-minute packing pointers:

  • Pack now, sort later - When you have time to pack, it is always a good idea to arrange your boxes by themes. For example, "the book box", the "plastic cups box" etc. That will make unpacking much easier, but in this situation, you won't have time for that. Pack what comes in hand to you. Even if it means that your board games be at the same box with your socks. As long as everything is packed safely and securely, it doesn't matter that items don't match.
  • Use your soft items as wrappings - Kill two flies with one punch, by using your clothes as the wrappings. Don't waste time on packing materials when winter clothes, socks, towels, and blankets can provide great protection. Even to your breakables.
  • Pack clothes directly from the closet - Nobody has time for clothes folding when packing in a hurry. You can save a lot of time by simply throwing your clothes directly from the closet. Sensitive fabrics do need a little special attention, but there's no need to wrap them piece by piece. If they are on the hanger, just place the clean garbage bag around them and then place them into the box. It's not the proper way to pack a wardrobe box, but it's very time efficient.

Packing clothes while it's still on the hanger is also a great time-saving tactic.

Don't forget to breath

Truth is that packing last-minute requires you to be in the fifth gear. However, that doesn't need to mean that you can't give your self a break from time to time. Any time you feel that this process is starting to get better of you, take a breather. Go on a quick walk to clear your head.In the case that this process is too overwhelming for you, it isn't too late to hire professional packers. Surely, that will be an additional expense, but your nerves will thank you.