Dec 1, 2023

Tips for negotiating a relocation package

Tips for negotiating a relocation package

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If you are contemplating moving to a different city or a country for a job, that is a big decision to make. Relocation is a very stressful, time-consuming, but also an expensive process. Still, if it is the job of your dreams that will allow you to enhance your career than this can be once in a lifetime opportunity. Especially if your company will cover the costs of your move. There may be some need for negotiating a relocation package that the company offers you, but no worries - Capital City Bins you covered.

What is a relocation package?

When the company is very eager to have you as its employee, it's likely that it will offer you a relocation package. The relocation package should cover your moving costs and other work-related expenses. That means that you and your family members will be free of the expenses that your relocation for a job will bring.

Two businessman negotiating a relocation package.

To get a better deal, maybe you have to negotiate a relocation package with your potential employer.When a company is willing to provide you with this opportunity, it means that your employer considers you as a great addition to the firm. It's a good incentive for the employee to accept the job offer and also positive for the company's reputation for attracting top talent.That said, the relocation package that company offer may or may not fulfill all your moving needs.

What should the relocation package include?

Depending on the relocation packages that company's competitor offer, employers tailor their programs in a way that will be attractive for the potential employees. Usually, the company will hire the professional movers to conduct your move, and maybe even the relocation expert to oversee the entire process.Here's what the best relocation packages include:

  • Full relocation services - This means that professional movers will pack, transport and unpack all of your household goods. This is the best package that you can get since it will save you a lot of time and nerves.
  • House-hunting trips - In order to find a perfect new home, the company will pay for at least one visit to the new town where you're relocating. These house hunting trips usually cover the costs of transportation, lodging, and meals. If you're moving with children, try negotiating a relocation package that includes the expenses of the childcare while you're on the house hunting trip.
  • Temporary housing - If your new home won't be move-in ready when you arrive at your new place of work, the company should pay for the costs of your temporary housing for at least 30 days.
  • Travel expenses - Most relocation packages include reimbursement for the travel costs to your new home. For you, but also for every family member that is relocating with you.
  • Miscellaneous costs - Relocation has many small costs, that may be covered by the relocation package. Cleaning services at the new home, pet registration, and licenses, driver’s license fees are just some of the expenses that belong in this category.

Negotiating a relocation package - set your priorities

Since you're moving for a job that has to be worth your while. Not only in the means of career advancement or higher salary. This also means that your relocation should go as smoothly as possible. If the company offers you a relocation package, you have to try to get the best deal.Addressing your most pressing needs is the great approach when you're negotiating a relocation package.Think about how you want your relocation to go, and don't limit yourself to the bare necessities.Besides the basic relocation requirements, negotiate including following features in your relocation package:

  • One or multiple visits to the new place where you'll be moving for a job.
  • A subsidy for increased living costs (if the city you're moving to has higher monthly living expenses)
  • Temporary or permanent housing subsidy (depending on the agreement)
  • Travel costs
  • The costs of renting a storage unit if you need one.

Find out what your company typically offers

Every good negotiating technique requires a bit of research. In order to get a better relocation offer from the company, you need to find out what its usual relocation packages include. Ask around at their HR department. There maybe is some written relocation assistance policy that you can take a look at. Search online for relocation experiences of the expats who work for similar companies.


Of course, every company has a different policy, but it can get you some ideas for negotiations.Not knowing what your company typically offers can make your moving for a job more costly. Going into negotiating a relocation package without that knowledge can cost you some great benefits that you can get.Never assume what costs of your relocation the company will pay for. Especially don't sign any agreement until you are happy with the terms of your relocation package.

Types of common relocation packages:

Companies offer relocation assistance in many different ways, but mostly in these forms:

  • Lump sum – The company will pay you a set amount of money to use as you wish for your relocation.
  • Reimbursement – The company will reimburse you for some of your moving costs.
  • Direct bill –Your employer will cover all of your moving expenses directly and coordinates the moving services on your behalf.
  • Third party relocation – A relocation services broker will coordinate all your needs, and its fee will be billed to your employer.

Negotiating a relocation package to the mutual benefits

The company that really wants you as an employee will gladly revise its relocation package. If your employee considers you as valuable talent, he will be more flexible when negotiating the terms of your relocation.

Women at the job interview

Use that to your advantage and play it smart.Emphasis how much the company will benefit if your relocation is quick, easy and smooth. You won't be stressed and tired, and you can start working sooner.Explain that if you settle important relocation issues quickly, you will be able to immerse yourself in the work quicker.