Dec 1, 2023

Tips for packing heavy items

Tips for packing heavy items

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Packing is one of the hardest and most overwhelming relocation tasks. Just thinking about the fact that you'll have to first pack your entire household, transport it and then unpack everything at your new home, can spike the anxiety level. Small and fragile items will require a lot of attention, and packing the heavy items is no picnic either. Still, with a few tricks in your sleeve, you can manage this difficult task easier.

Packing heavy items comes with risk

Heavy items are problematic because they are, well heavy. With great weight comes great risks, and most of them involve lifting such object. The risk of moving injuries is very present, and if you aren't careful, you can end up with the nasty and painful back injuries.There are many risks associated with packing heavy objects, like:

  • Safety of the people that are helping you to pack and move heavy items
  • Narrow passages and obstacles that are making relocation of the heavy items harder
  • Improper packing techniques
  • Inadequate equipment
  • Lack of knowledge on the proper lifting of the heavy objects
  • Causing damages to household items

All these things can result in serious damages to your belongings, and endanger the health of all involved in the moving process. Moving on your own is a very risky business, that almost always have at least minor moving injuries. 4 out of 5 DIY relocations end up with the trip to the hospital.

Back pain - Common injury of packing heavy items

Most of the injuries involve packing and moving heavy objects.If you don't want to put anyone's health and your belongings in jeopardy, the safest thing is to hire professional movers. That way, you don't have to worry about moving heavy items, since the professionals with years of experience will do it for you.Purchasing additional moving services like packing will ensure the safety of your shipment even further. You won't have to learn how to properly pack heavy items, because the packers will do all that instead of you.

Prepare for heavy items for packing

If you are still determined to move on your own, that you should start with preparing your heavy items for packing. Since the heavy items in your household are different types, they will require different preparation.Still, there are some basic preparing tips that work for the majority of heavy items in your home:

  • Gather necessary packing supplies and protective materials for cushioning and padding
  • Clean and dust the heavy objects
  • Dismantle the removable parts of the items
  • Sort them in categories
  • Label parts properly
  • Make your boxes sturdier by taping the bottom in many layers of duck tape
  • Pad the moving box before you put anything in them

Packing heavy items for the relocation

Once you have gathered all the packing supplies, disassembled the items and cleaned them thoroughly, it's time to pack them into moving boxes.Here are the steps for safer packing of the heavy items:

  • Make sure that your moving boxes are sturdy, resilient and bigger than the object that you're packing.
  • Wrap the heavy item into few layers of protective packing material
  • Place item carefully into the moving box
  • Fill all the empty space between the item and the box
  • If you're packing several heavy items in the same box, ensure that they are not touching each other and that there is enough cushioning between them
  • Immobilize completely every item in the box with protective padding and cushioning
  • Add cushioning material on top of the box
  • Add extra protection to the fragile heavy items
  • Seal the box with layers of packing tape
  • Label the boxes

ADDITIONAL SAFETY TIP:Do not overload your moving boxes! That is the biggest mistake that you can do when packing heavy items. It can be very hazardous since you can suffer great back injuries by lifting such boxes. Overpacking your boxes also put your belongings in danger. No matter how much your moving boxes are sturdy, there's a limit weight that you can put in them. Overpack them with heavy items and they can rip easily. One moving box should contain a weight of a maximum of 50 pounds so you can move it safely.

Some heavy items you can't move on your own

Items like pianos, pool table, and hot-tubes require the delicate touch of the reliable professional packers. You can not relocate these items on your own. Well, you can, but with enormous risk. Those items are very expensive and truly deserve special treatment. They are extremely heavy and bulky, but very delicate at the same time. That's why it is so tricky to move them. Packing heavy items like these will also be very hard. They have removable pieces, but one wrong screwier move can damage them beyond repair.

Pool table

Some items are almost impossible to move on your own.

How to pack heavy items that can't fit into the moving boxes

Some of the large and heavy items like refrigerators or closets need to be moved in one piece. Such bulky and very heavy objects that can't be dismantled should be the first items that you will load to your moving truck.Still, while you probably don't have its original packaging or moving boxes large enough to put them in, you have to protect them for the relocation.

  • Wrap the large heavy objects into the layers of plastic wrap with bubbles and duck tape
  • Wrap moving blankets around them
  • Secure the blankets with moving straps
  • Load them into the moving truck by using a dolly
  • Once in the moving truck, it is important to strap such objects and immobilize them
Heavy cupboard - one of the things to pay attention to when packing heavy items.

There are more heavy objects in your home that you realize.Making sure that your large objects can't shift during the transport is of the utmost importance. There will be many bumps on the road, so the need to stay put. If they move inside of the moving truck, they can fall and crush your other belongings. If you want that your shipments arrive at your new home without damages make sure to take every precaution.