Dec 1, 2023

Tips to cope with moving stress

Tips to cope with moving stress

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What do you find more stressful: a 10-meter bungee jumping from an edge of a cliff or moving? Yeah, moving it is. The mere thought of relocation-caused sleep deprivation makes you cranky. And you haven’t even started moving. What scares you most is having to cope with moving stress. Correct? You’d much rather choose a vicious moving circle getaway. The only option is simply getting it over with. Besides, the only way out is through. For that reason, you need to man up and relocate notwithstanding the skyrocketing pressure you’ve exposed to on a daily basis. The stress level is above and beyond overwhelming, true that, but you have to tackle moving to enjoy its fruits later on. It’s worth it. In light of this, opt for Capital City Bins that will carry out a stress-free packing process for you.

How to cope with moving stress is time-consuming

How to relieve stress when moving is pivotal

Make to-do list

Moving is a complex process beyond a shadow of a doubt. It comprises the best of your organizational, communication, negotiation and time-management skills. It’s fair to say you should use a variety of them at the same time which is too much. It works in the short-run. In the long-run, however, you might suffer burn-out. It happens more often than not. That’s why you should compile a to-do list to be on the safe side.

Divide moving into a few phases

You might benefit immensely from dividing the moving process into several stages. Correspondingly, you can pay close attention to the ins and outs of each and every one of them. The division ensures nothing stays beneath your radar. By and large, to-do list helps you monitor the progress. You know precisely what you have done so far and what’s next.

Ask for help

We all fend for ourselves. Naturally, you are used to doing things under your own steam. However, moving single-handedly turns into having too much on your plate in a blink of the eye. Even though we all need self-validation through doing stuff on our own, you might want to drop your guard once in a blue moon and ask for help. Moving is a perfect opportunity to do so. So, are you willing to give it a chance?

Have fun out of it

Engaging your family members and friends is a great way to cope with moving stress. Instead of doing ample moving chores one right after the other thus getting too stressed, ask them to contribute. They will help you carry it out smoothly, and you can have a lot of fun while doing so. Eventually, your moving will become a piece of cake.

Find ways to cope with moving stress

To cope with moving stress or to ask for help, that is the question

Hire professionals

Now and then people opt for a DIY move hoping to tighten the belt. They find the exorbitant moving quotes off-putting hence they avoid hiring moving professionals. It is a rational decision based on keeping the nest egg intact. However, it doesn’t come cheap. Not literally, but in the sense of your health and stress-caused disorders such as:

  • anxiety
  • weight loss
  • sleep deprivation
  • being on edge
  • fatigue

There’s a way to prevent all of these moving ill-effects from happening. Hiring a moving company, to begin with. Having professionals do everything on your behalf is a highly elegant way to make a relocation go like clockwork. What you need to make sure of, however, is not to do business with fraudulent companies aiming to rip you off on the grounds of your being naive. Shady movers have no problem scamming someone who is an easy touch.

Baby steps

Despite moving is a huge endeavor, you shouldn’t approach it as such. Otherwise, you’ll get cold feet, and you won’t carry it out which will eventually backfire. For that reason, you need to come up with a feasible plan on how to organize it accurately. Apart from dividing it into numerous phases, there’s another way of facilitating it. How? To begin with, think in terms of baby steps.

Go small

To illustrate, don’t start from the most difficult moving challenges such as storage price bargaining or moving company choice. It might scare you. Do something else instead. For instance, make sure to do everything that is up to you first. Get down to decluttering. Throw away all the garbage you’ve been hoarding all these years. Be ruthless. Then, where there’s nothing but essentials in your sight, figure out how to pack those items properly.

Employ anti-stress techniques

Being under an excessive level of stress for a long time can cause severe consequences. It can trigger diseases, disorders, behavioral changes, aggression, high blood pressure, and myriads of other harmful effects. Any of this might result in a condition you’ll need to take care of until the very end of your life. Believe the proverb saying better safe than sorry. Isn’t that right? Make use of Google and brush up on the most effective anti-stress techniques.


Meditation has proved to be a quite effective stress-relieving method. It’s a conscious breathing technique focusing on getting it out of your system. You need to take five and give it a try. Additionally, it doesn’t require any special equipment so a bare surface (which is bare due to moving) will do the trick. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go with the flow.

A girl meditating

Meditation is a great way to cope with moving stress

To summarize

In a nutshell, moving is a highly stressful experience that can cause a plethora of ill-effects. To deal with moving stress is daunting. That’s why prevention matters. Even though relocation is all-important, your physical and psychological health comes first. That’s why you should be equally focused on staying sane while moving. Anti-stress techniques are the keystone of feeling good in the midst of a relocation hell. Next, don’t do everything on your own. It’s too hard. Let other people give you a hand. If you want to skip this, hire professional movers to help you. Be wary of the price tag, though. Finally, ponder moving organization. Several-phased division and baby steps go a long way. With this in mind, enjoy the moving thrill and think about its perks. Once you settle in in your new home, let the games begin.