Dec 1, 2023

Unpacking guide for beginners

Unpacking guide for beginners

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When your movers deliver your belongings to your new home address there is one major step to do before you can explore new surroundings and get to know your neighborhood. That step is to unpack your belongings after a long-distance move. A lot of people enjoy his part of the moving experience. However, for all of you who are moving for the first time, this is the perfect article. Our company prepared an unpacking guide for beginners. By following our guide you will unpack like a pro. As soon as you unpack you can start enjoying your new life knowing that the moving process is finally over.

Unpacking guide for beginners

When you enter your empty new living space try to look at it as a blank canvas. You have the opportunity to decorate it from scratch and the opportunity to be creative in your new living space. However, before you can unpack you will need to clean your home before moving in. The best way to do this is to hire some local cleaning agency to do the cleaning for you. They will be in an empty apartment and you should ask your real estate agent to give them the key so they can finish the cleaning and disinfection before you arrive with your movers. However, you can do the cleaning on your own but you will have to either postpone unpacking or you will have to go to your new home a few days before the move so you can finish everything.

A professional cleaner.

Hire a local cleaning company to assure your home is ready for moving in.The first thing to know about unpacking is that the way you packed everything for the move will determine how easy will your unpacking process be. If you pack your items the right way your unpacking will be faster than you think. Moreover, if you properly label the moving boxes while packing you will know which box goes in which room. Also, you can always ask your moving company to help you with unpacking. However, there are some pros and cons of unpacking on your own instead of hiring a moving company to unpack you.

Pros and cons of unpacking on your own

Here is a shortlist of the pros and cons of DIY and professional unpacking service. To decide which method you will use you should continue reading:

  • Pros of unpacking on your own - As we already said you can easily place everything and decorate everything according to your desire. Also, you won't have strangers touching your belongings. There are some people who have a little control issue and this would be the perfect option for them. You can also unpack on your own schedule. Moreover, you can do unpacking room by room and if you have labeled summertime clothes boxes and you are moving for example in fall or winter you can unpack them when the summer season starts. Till then you can keep them in your reusable plastic moving boxes.
  • Cons of unpacking on your own - Profesional unpackers have speed and efficiency in the unpacking field. However, sometimes it is hard to explain where you want something to be. Therefore, keep that in mind when you think about hiring professional help. Also, you will make a bigger mess and clutter in your home than your hired unpacking professionals. However, one of the biggest cons of unpacking on your own is that you will need to do it after your move instead of getting to know the town you now live in.

The other issue is if you use rental moving boxes you will need to unpack quickly in order to give them back to your moving company. The same goes if you rent moving boxes from companies like Capital City Bins. They will need them back in a short period of time. If you are planning to unpack for months then rental packing supplies is not the best idea for you.

Toothbrushes in a ceramic jar and other toiletries.

Make sure to unpack bathroom items first.

Room by room unpacking guide for beginners

Unpacking room by room is the easiest way of unpacking for beginners. The goal is to start in the biggest room in your new home and go from there. However, you will need to unpack your essentials before you go to a room by room unpacking. Therefore the bathroom and toilet are the exceptions to this rule. You need to unpack them first and then you can start by unpacking the leaving room or bedroom. As we already said to make your room by room unpacking easier you should label the moving boxes while packing them. Imagine how much easier will it be to know which box contains which items. You would be able to place them in their rooms just by looking at labels. Also, you will organize your room much easier by doing this.There is one move way of unpacking. However, for this way of unpacking, you will also need to have labeled boxes. You should start by unpacking essential items first, then necessities, and in the end, you should unpack decorations and fragile items. Whatever way you choose you will have the best organization while unpacking. Furthermore, either way of unpacking will help you unpack more efficiently and faster. You should also take as many breaks as you need. Unpacking is the finishing step of your moving process and you should enjoy it.

A labeled moving box containing books.

Label your moving boxes in order to unpack them easier.

Is there anything else you need to know about unpacking?

Actually, there is. If you take your time for planning and packing for the move you will unpack without any problems. No matter if you are unpacking on your own or you are hiring professionals to help you after you finish this last step of the moving process you can enjoy your new life in your new living space. Don't forget to label the moving boxes not only with fragile stickers use color code to make sure you have the right boxes in the right room.This will conclude our unpacking guide for beginners. We truly hope we have answered all of your questions. For more information feel free to contact us or your moving company. Good luck with your move and have fun with unpacking!