Dec 1, 2023

What fits in a plastic moving bin?

What fits in a plastic moving bin?

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So, you need to pack some of your stuff, and you are wondering what fits in a plastic moving bin. If you are planning to move or maybe renovating your home, you will have to pack your belongings. Perhaps you are thinking that using cardboard boxes is enough and sometimes it is. But using plastic moving bins have many benefits.When you pack your stuff for transportation or long-term storing you, need to be sure that your belongings are safe. Cardboard boxes are a cheaper option, but they can’t carry too much weight, and they are sensitive to humidity which makes them not suitable for long-term storage. On the other hand, plastic moving bins are far more durable and are perfect for storing your items for a more extended period. Also, they can carry much more weight, so it is just a matter of size.

What fits in a plastic moving bin and why it is the right choice

Plastic moving bins are very resilient, and they are not easy to break. If you decide to rent plastic moving boxes, you can be sure that your belongings will be well protected. When you are packing your home, garage or a workshop plastic moving boxes are suitable in every situation. Books, glassware, shoes, tools, clothes it all fits in a plastic moving bin. When you are packing your clothes, it is very good to use vacuum bags for clothes. Vacuuming your clothes is an excellent way of saving space.Besides the usual, even your dog or a cat can safely travel in special plastic moving containers for pets. And you can securely store some of your electrical home appliances like a vacuum cleaner, microwave oven or hair dryer for a more extended period of time. Plastic bins will keep them in the same condition for years.

What fits in a plastic moving bin - reminder

  • Kitchenware fits in a plastic moving bin, and it is great for transporting it.
  • Clothes are sensitive to moisture and mold. Keep them safe in a plastic moving bin.
  • Tools are heavy, but the plastic bins are strong enough.
  • Books are sensitive just like clothes.
  • Electrical appliances can deteriorate very fast if they are not stored properly.

Plastic moving bins for packing kitchenware

Your kitchenware perfectly fits in a plastic moving bin. It will keep it safe from accidental hits and free of dirt and dust. Of course, if you are packing glass or ceramics, you need to give it some additional protection.

Kitchenware that fits in a plastic moving bin

Plastic moving boxes are great for transporting and keeping your kitchenwareWrapping each piece in wrapping paper and filling the gaps between is a right way of protecting your fragile glassware inside a plastic moving box.

Use them to store your clothes

Plastic moving containers are an excellent choice for packing your clothes too. If you combine it with vacuum bags for clothes, a one larger plastic moving container could be enough to hold your whole closet of clothes.

Lots of clothes fits in a plastic moving bin if you vacuum it

Clothes fit in a plastic moving bin, but you will get more space if you vacuum itBut why would you want to use a plastic container when cardboard box is probably strong enough for clothes? Well, if you need a way of relocating your clothes, then a cardboard box could be enough. But if you need to store your clothes for a more extended period and maybe in a wet basement or on a dusty attic then plastic bins are a must.

Get one for your tools

They are great for tools. If you have tools in your home, then you know that the best way of storing and carrying them is in a plastic box. The weight of your tools can’t harm the plastic containers, and if you have some sensitive instruments, they will be well protected. Keep your tools permanently in a plastic box with a handle, and it will be easy to carry too.

Plastic moving containers are the best solution for preserving books for longer periods

When you need to store your books, there will be nothing more suitable than a plastic moving bin. Books can be heavy, and regular cardboard boxes just can’t hold their weight. So if you need to carry lots of heavy books a plastic moving bin is your only solution.

Book that could be suitable for storing in plastic bins

Use plastic boxes for keeping your book away from humidity and pestsBooks are something that perfectly fits in a plastic moving bin because of their shape. So if you are in good shape and you can carry heavy things fill your plastic box to the top. They are also perfect for long-time keeping your books because they are humidity and pest resistant.

They will keep your electrical appliances safe

Electrical appliances can be very sensitive, so you need a suitable and reliable container when you need to store them. If you have an old but working vacuum cleaner that you want to store in a garage or basement humidity can be a big problem. So, if it fits in a plastic moving bin, you are in luck. These containers are a perfect solution for you. They will keep your electrical appliances in perfect condition and free of moisture.

Rent or buy a plastic moving bin

If you don’t know whether to buy or rent plastic moving boxes think for what purpose and for how long you will need them. When you are moving, and you need them for transport, then it would be wise to rent them. Also if you are remodeling your home and you need to pack your stuff just for the time of the renovation, it is better to rent.In these situations, you will need a lot of moving boxes and you bought them would end up with many empty moving boxes when you are done. When you just rent green moving supplies, you will return them to the moving company when you are finished. If you need to store your stuff for longer periods or in a bad location, then you need to have your plastic moving bins.

If it fits in a plastic moving bin, then it is a perfect solution

Rent plastic moving boxes if you need a short time solution for your stuff. Many NYC companies sell and rent reusable moving boxes. So you will have no trouble finding perfect boxes for your requirements. And not only boxes. Nowadays you can rent moving supplies for a small price and easily acquire all the things you need. So when you need a good and reliable solution for packing your stuff remember, everything that fits in a plastic moving bin will be perfectly protected.