Dec 1, 2023

What is a bill of lading and why is it important?

What is a bill of lading and why is it important?

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Along with an abundance of hard moving tasks, relocation brings a lot of paperwork as well. The bill of lading is perhaps the most critical document. It is a contract between you and the moving company that specifies the terms and conditions of your international move. Since it is crucial to understand it before signing it, this guide will provide you with all necessary information.

First of all - What is the bill of lading?

Before you start looking for cheap plastic moving bins NYC has to offer, get some information about the paperwork. Especially about the most important document you have to sign.A bill of lading is a document that the carrier is issuing to a shipper. It is acknowledging that specified goods have been received on board as cargo for transport to a named place. It is a necessary piece of paperwork for the shipping companies, but for the movers as well. According to the law, all moving companies have to prepare a bill of lading for every shipment it transports. Every moving box you fill with your stuff has to have clarification about its content. Also, the weight, destination and the type of shipment has to be clearly specified.The information on the bill of lading has to be the same information as the ones on the order for service, which is another important moving document. Before loading anything into the moving vehicle, the driver has to present the individual with a copy of the document.

Bill of lading must be thorough

This paper includes all the important details of your move.For example, it has to contain:

  • The initial cost of the transportation process
  • Destination of the shipment
  • The name, condition, and other information concerning the ship that will carry the load in case you're transporting your belongings by ship for the international relocation

This contract has to contain all the vital information about your shipment.

Its purpose

The sole purpose of the bill of lading is to protect you as a customer, and the moving company as well. It is a way to ensure that your goods are transporting legally and according to a binding contract by both sides. You can rent moving bins NYC and easily cancel the rental, but when you sign the moving contract, that's it. Changing it will be very difficult, not to mention expensive.

The importance of the bill of lading

Additionally, the bill of lading serves as the receipt proving that the shipment has been delivered to your home in the same condition as you sent it.After all, it is the contract between the individual moving and the mover. It is a legal document ensuring that a shipment of household goods are picked up, transported and delivered to a designated location.You have the responsibility to read and understand all the points of the bill of right before signing it. Also, you will be responsible for any changes made to the service on your request.The bill of lading is here to protect you when moving internationally, so don't take it lightly. It will be must easier to handle the post-move paperwork if everything is in order before the relocation.

Signing a contract

Be aware of what you're signing.

Order for service

As well as the bill of lading, moving companies should also prepare an order for service. For every shipment transported for an individual shipper. Customers have the right to get a copy of this document. Any changes in the picking up/delivery date that both sides agree to require amendment of the order of service. The mover may prepare a written change that should be attached to the document.Order for service is basically the schedule for the tasks the movers will do. But the one that has the legal power and vouches that agreement will be followed. If the moving company change it without your consent, you will have the right to file a complaint about not following the order of service.

There is a difference between a moving contract and bill of lading

Will you need the bill of lading depends on the type of your move. If you are moving to the other neighborhood, city or even the state, this document isn't a requirement. On the other hand, if you are conducting the international move, the bill of lading is a necessity.So for local and long-distance moves within the country, the moving contract will suffice. This piece of paperwork will be the most important document in those cases.It is an agreement between the moving company and the person seeking moving services. It has to contain the list of all the items you're moving in details, all the moving dates, destination, relocation specification, and a total price of your move.

Cargo ship - If you are transporting items by it, you will need a bill of lading

The bill of lading is applicable when moving abroad.Both of these documents are highly important. In fact, they are a guarantee that the moving company will fulfill its obligations. Understanding mover contracts and paperwork before signing and reading it thoroughly is the most crucial part. Same goes for the bill of lading.Everything you discuss with you movers has to be put in writing. Watch out for the fine print - it is easy to miss, and usually hides some vital information. Commonly about the liability of the movers, so don't let it slip your eyes.

No paperwork necessary

The easiest way to avoid fraudulent moving companies is to ask them about the moving contract. When movers assure you that there is no need for it that is the time to say them goodbye. Companies that are conducting moving scams are doing their best not to leave the paper trail.They will have a good story, don't doubt about that. Offers of the much lower prices, extraordinary discounts or free additional services just so they don't have to do things by the book. It is always very pleasant music to our ears, but that's how they get you. Every company has to give you a moving contract. There's no excuse not to do so.With the bill of lading is a different story. Fraudulent companies are staying away from international relocations since the chances of them being caught are much higher. Still, if you do stumble upon a company that doesn't want to give you the bill of lading and it is conducting international moves, run away from it. It is a sign that they are involved in serious smuggling, and you really don't want to be a part of that.