Dec 1, 2023

What needs to be packed before your movers arrive?

What needs to be packed before your movers arrive?

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Moving is a complex process that requires time and attention to be successful in the end. Going with a clear plan is always a better alternative than going blind in some projects, and moving is not different at all. If you want to make sure that your move ends on a good note, you should consider hiring a moving company. These days, you can find moving companies that offer eco-friendly moving options with eco moving boxes. However, you must know that your job is not done the moment you hired movers. Even if movers do the largest part of packing, it's better if you do some part of packing. Here is what needs to be packed before your movers arrive.

What needs to be packed before your movers arrive

No matter how reliable the moving company is, documents that contain sensitive information about you or your business should be packed no other than you. You can never know someone's agenda and you can't trust anyone with personal information. Because of this, it is better if you pack and store your documents before movers arrive and mark them as untouchable. Besides documents, you should also pack extra cash, jewelry, and heirlooms yourself, since these things can be extremely valuable. Fragile items are often valuable and tricky to pack. It's better if you prepare them before putting them in plastic packing boxes for moving. Adding layers of newspaper or bubble wrapping will give fragile items more protection in the boxes. Also, don’t pack them too closely, always leave some space where you should put things like more paper, blankets, or bubble wrap.

shelf with documents

You should be the one packing your documents.

More things to prepare

You must keep in mind that when you arrive in a new home, it will probably be mostly empty. On top of that, you cannot unpack all your belongings at once. For this, the best solution is to pack an essential moving box. The essential moving box is where you will pack your everyday most used items, which you will need on the first day of the relocation. Have this bag with you for the duration of the relocation and it should include toiletries, bed linen, charger devices, and electronics, cleaning products, and a change of clothes. Before movers arrive, disassemble your computer, unplug all cords and wires, and secure them with clips. After this, put them in small boxes so they don’t get lost in the duration of packing. You can also pack your computer, laptop, and other important electronics.

shiny laptop

Do not forget to pack your valuable electronics.

Steps to take when packing your items

You should cover the big part of what needs to be packed before your movers arrive. Here is a few more thing you can do.

  • Fridge - you must unplug, clean, and empty it out and leave it open at least 24 hours before you move
  • Disassemble - disassembling as much as possible will help movers to work faster so you will be paying less as well
  • Walls - remove all pictures, artwork, or mirrors
  • Flammable items - remove all flammable items like batteries, aerosol cans, cleaning fluids, nail polish, and nail polish remover