Dec 1, 2023

When is the best time to start packing for your move?

When is the best time to start packing for your move?

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Packing represents one of the most boring jobs when we talk about moving. It is slow, and it takes a lot of time. So there is always a chance that you made a mistake. You can always forget something and by the time you understand that, it is already too late. This mistake is often made when packing at the last minute so the question is: when is the best time to start packing for your move? Stay and find out!

Starting late?

Well, we already said that starting packing just before the move is a very risky job. Starting late is definitely not the best time to start packing for your move. The greatest threat to you and your move is the stress you would get if you do like this. We all know people that function better under pressure. It just gets you fired up and you are the best you can be. But most of us just do not function like that so we advise you to avoid this if you are in this group of people. Why would you complicate your move even more than it needs to be?

When is the best time to start packing for your move?

It is not specified exactly when you should start packing but it is best to start packing two or three weeks before the move. Depending on the size of your household, you have to worry about more things and that can be troublesome. More things you have to consider, more time you need to have in order to complete everything successfully. Also, if you do not start planning and packing on time, you will not have time to put everything on paper and make a proper moving checklist. It highly recommended so you should definitely make one. When we take everything into consideration we advise you to start packing two or three weeks before the move. We do not mean that you have to pack everything, of course. You still have to live in your old home so you have to use some of the stuff you are moving.It is better to start small. Start packing the stuff you do not need at the moment. By decreasing the amount of stuff you have to pack after, you will have less chance to forget something.

This is the best time to start packing for your move

Start two or three weeks before the move

Packing supplies

Before you get the chance to move, you will have to find packing supplies. You can to that in several ways:

  • Reuse your old ones- If you have left some packing supplies from your last move, you can always reuse it. Since there is no way that all of it is usable, you will have to add some. You can do this by yourself or you can hire a moving company to do this for you. Many people pack moving boxes by themselves but be aware that there are also bad sides to doing that.
  • Moving company- If you do not have old packing supplies or you just want to have the fresh and new one, you can always call moving company and rent moving supplies. That is a good way because you get materials that are new and fresh.
  • Borrow- You can always borrow from a friend. Many people do not throw away used supplies so there is a chance that there are some supplies left.
There are different ways for you to do this

Find packing supplies for your move

Seven days before the move...

It is very important to know what to pack and when. We established that the best time to start packing for your move is a few weeks before the move. We said that you should start slow and put things into boxes, but where to start?Seven days before the move you should start packing more stuff. Most of us have lots of clothes and we all know how hard it is to fold it? If you have the same problem, then think how hard it is to pack it all for a move. This is the best time to start packing your clothes. This way you will start emptying your closets and slowly preparing for the moving day. You can make more space for your clothes by finding the best plastic container for moving from a local moving company. They are very grateful due to adequate size and if you have the technique for folding clothes, you can use the most of it.You should also try to slowly empty your kitchen. The kitchen often has the most stuff in all the house so it is natural to cut some time for packing it. Start by emptying shelves and cupboards until you come to the essentials. You should stop cooking meals and try to eat meals that do not require that time to be prepared. This way you will be ready for your move when the time comes.

Few days to the move...

The only thing left to do is to pack your belongings from the rest of your home. You should finish packing your bedrooms and bathroom. Of course, there is stuff that you are not going to move, but anyway, there is still plenty of stuff you have to pack. When we talk about the bathroom, you should pack everything you plan to move. The only things you will have to leave behind and wait until the moving day to pack are the essentials for your personal hygiene. Having packed the last things a few days before the move is the best time to start packing for your move because it decreases the amount of thing you have to think about.

A day before the move...

When this day comes, you should have already been packed. The last day is not the day for the packing, or at least we do not recommend to pack on that day. But, there are things that you should leave and pack on a moving day and we include a toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes for moving day, etc. All big stuff should be packed and ready for transport. The last day is maybe the most dangerous because all plans and packing on this day can be so confusing that you can forget what you have already packed and what have not. So, we advise that you should pack only essentials on this day and think about the future.

Pack them after you finish using them

Leave essentials for the last day


We said what is the best day to start packing for your move in our opinion. This is a minimum you should start before the move. This does not mean that if you want, you can always start even earlier. That just means that you take you moving seriously.