Dec 1, 2023

When should you start packing for a local move in NYC?

When should you start packing for a local move in NYC?

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Packing for a move can be difficult and time-consuming. Although finding a new home gives you a feeling of relief and happiness, everyone starts worrying about how to pack the entire house in boxes in time for moving day. When is the best time to start packing for a local move in NYC? Where to rent moving supplies? The quick answer is that you should get started as soon as the date is confirmed. Follow this packing schedule as moving day approaches to keep on track.

6-7 weeks before the move

Before packing and labeling your belongings, make sure you get rid of any clutter. Establish a list of things that you want to keep or get rid of. You can start doing this while you are 6-7 weeks away from your relocation date. Go through each room in the house, and pick the things you want to get rid of. This way the expense of your move will be lower and it will be easier for you to stay organized. While doing this you will get a rough estimate of everything you will be relocating. Don't worry if you have some big items, you can always rent storage bins that come in different shapes and sizes, and even your mattresses and mirrors can fit.

A person making a list when to start packing for a local move in NYC

Before you start packing for a local move in NYC, make a calendar with all the steps you need to do.

4-5 weeks before the move

If you already have a pile of things that you don't want to move, now is the time to get rid of them. Before you start packing for a local move in NYC, you should:

  • throw and recycle the thing you will not need anymore,
  • donate: a lot of people would benefit from clothes, furniture, and books you don't need,
  • sell: this way you can even earn some additional money.

At the same time, place an order for packing materials. You don't have to won't worry about this, we got you covered! Renting plastic bins for moving provides safety for your items and can endure any type of season. We will deliver these bins to your doorstep, saving your time and energy.

A man carrying moving bins

Long-lasting and environmentally safe moving bins can also be customized to meet your specific requirements.

2-3 weeks before the move

Packing your home takes around 2-3 weeks without any rush. Begin by packing any unused rooms, closets, garages and pack each room at the time. Make sure you label everything and keep the moving bins packed in each room. This will help you stay organized and you can easily identify bins when needed. Always pack and move your valuables to ensure that they arrive securely at your new house.

The day before the move

Since your new residence will not be far away, you probably visited your home several times and maybe moved some of the bins. The day before the move should be a relaxed one, and you can prepare some small items that may be transported in your car and that you will use immediately when you arrive. So remember, the earlier you start packing for a local move in NYC, the easier it will be when the date approaches.