Dec 1, 2023

Where educated millennials are moving?

Where educated millennials are moving?

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There is no single definition of a millennial, as opinions vary on the years between which they were born. In most cases, these are the people born between the years of 1982 and 1996. This means that today, their ages range from 23 to 37. Most millennials in the U.S. have earned at least a bachelor's degree, and many have gone on to graduate school. However, unlike their parents, many think that the suburban way of life is not attractive to millennials. Companies have employed many marketing strategies in order to bring this generation to larger cities. Due to their education, they have become highly desirable in the business world. But have these strategies worked? Read on to learn exactly where educated millennials are moving and why.

Why are educated millennials moving

While for a long time baby boomers were considered the most numerous generation, millennials have outnumbered them by millions. Also, millennials have also proven to be the most educated generation so far. Another interesting fact is that millennials have displayed a reluctance for any type of commitment. They are less eager to marry than their parents, and also less likely to buy homes and settle down.

A girl wearing sunglasses sitting on a white chair.

Millennials recognize the opportunities of a big city.

Moving to a metropolis

This statistic, combined with the fact that many of them have student loan debts, leads to the conclusion that millennials are more likely to rent a home instead of buying one. That is why big cities are the ideal setting for the up-and-coming professional millennials. They are also more inclined to saving money, for example, choosing to rent moving bins NYC instead of buying them.

Moving to smaller cities

It is true that bigger cities provide more job opportunities and other amenities. However, smaller cities have become a popular destination for educated millennials over the last couple of years. With the cost of living in larger cities skyrocketing, it's no wonder. Life in a smaller city or the suburbs of a larger one is much more affordable. So they gather their plastic moving bins NYC, hire movers, and head on to a less populated destination. Also, many millennials decide to move out of the city after finishing college or some other form of education.Since there is such a vast difference between life in the city and that in a smaller community, it's important to weigh out both options. Here are some of the most popular cities for educated millennials.

Many educated millennials are moving to the New Haven-Milford area

A study conducted in 2017 has shown that 22 percent of people living in the New Haven-Milford area in Connecticut are millennials. In fact, 75 percent of all people who moved there during that year were millennials. While so many millennials moving to such a rural area might come as a surprise, in fact, it makes much sense.

View of Philadelphia's skyline.

Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell - many educated millennials will be fascinated by its history.Millennials born before 1990 are beginning to make long-term plans. They want to own a home and start a family. And this Connecticut area is ideal for such life-changing events. Living in New Haven or Milford is much more affordable than in many other towns, let alone larger cities. Also, with less than 200,000 people in the area, it provides for a close-knit community and a suburban setting.

Philadelphia is one of the top cities for millennials

This historic U.S. city has all the advantages of a large city without many of the negative sides. Philadelphia has many trendy neighborhoods on one side, with a lot of abandoned buildings and homes on the other. This is ideal for educated millennials who are moving to Philadelphia and want to make an investment.Moreover, neighborhoods like Bella Vista and Washington Square West still have affordable rent. They are also very safe and great places to raise children. Finally, Philadelphia is excellent for up-and-coming professionals, since it has all the opportunities of a metropolis. Many leading companies have branches in the city, as well as technological and pharmaceutical firms.

Boston is also where many educated millennials are moving to

While there are many reasons to move to New York, millennials might find better opportunities elsewhere. Cities such as New York and San Francisco are seeing a drop in their millennial population. On the other hand, their numbers in Boston are on the rise. In 2017, as much as 34 percent of the city's population consisted of this generation. With Harvard University here, it is no surprise that there are so many young educated people here.

Aerial view of Madison, WI.

Although a smaller community, Madison has everything a millennial might need.However, they are not leaving after graduating from college. Many graduates stay in Boston in order to teach or conduct research at the University. But this is not the only opportunity for those living in this metropolis. Boston has been developing its finance, technology, medicine, and tourism industries. When you add the low rent in many of its trendy areas, there is no denying that Boston is one of the best cities for educated millennials.

Some millennials call Madison, WI their new home

The capital of Wisconsin, also named America's Dairyland, has made its way to our list. Young people with a degree are moving to Madison for many reasons. The biggest one is that there is a very low unemployment rate. What brought this on is the fact that Madison is the hub of software and development technologies in the area.Companies that deal with technology provide their employees with high-income jobs. Combined with a low cost of living, this makes for the perfect choice of any millennial. Also, there are plenty of parks, restaurants, bars, shops, and movie theaters where you can relieve some of the stress from the move. Starting a family in such a safe but progressive place is what attracts so many young people to this city.

Oklahoma City is a popular destination for millennials

With the unemployment rate lower than the national average and steady economic growth, Oklahoma City has become one of the places educated millennials are moving to. Unsurprisingly, investors from domestic and foreign companies are coming to Oklahoma City. Moreover, the housing market is more affordable than any major city, as the median house price is $182,000. This is only for the city proper - the further you venture out, the less you will pay for a home. Although it lacks the glitz and glamour of some other major cities, it has everything one might need to lead a happy and fulfilled life.