Dec 1, 2023

Where to donate the items you no longer need - NYC Edition

Where to donate the items you no longer need - NYC Edition

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Somehow, we all end up with stuff that we don’t need. Getting rid of stuff we no longer need can be a challenge. However, it is a good thing when we can donate to charity. In case you need a moving bin rental for the things you no longer need, do a bit of research about the best companies online. Challenges are difficult. That is why it is an even greater reward when you complete them. So, where to donate the items you no longer need becomes a rather easy decision.

Where to donate the items you no longer need is an easy decision when you start separating stuff box by box

When you are making a decision where to donate your things in NYC, making a list will help you

There are plenty of places in NYC where you can donate your unwanted items. We have nonprofits, libraries, charities all across the city. In that way, we can all put our stuff to good use. In addition, by donating instead of dumping things in the trash - you are helping the environment. According to the Department of Sanitation, redistributing items we no longer need from the city’s waste streams reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, if you need green moving storage bins that will help you pack while donating, you will be saving the environment twice. Here are the places in NYC where you can donate things:

  • Housing works
  • Salvation Army
  • Goodwill
  • Art Start NYC

Having eco-friendly bins is very important for donating process

If you don't know how to start with the" where to donate the items you no longer need" project Housing works is a great first choice

Housing Works provides lifesaving resources to thousands of people. It is for homeless men, women, and children in New York City living with HIV or AIDS. Donations of clothes, electronics, dishes, and books are sold at bargain prices at Housing Works Thrift stores and Book Cafe.They accept appliances, furniture, books, clothing, and dishes. Therefore, if you have something big to pack and donate feel free to check out what additional green moving supplies you will need.

Nonprofits and similar organizations are great choices if you are not sure where to donate things you no longer need

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an international movement and an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Proceeds from purchases help to fund rehabilitation programs that heal addictions for example. In addition to clothing and accessories, you can donate appliances, cars, furniture, etc. Therefore, if you need bigger eco-friendly moving supplies, feel free to contact some of the best moving supplies companies that will make your donating experience easier.


Goodwill is an international organization that provides community-based services for people. It is with people with employment challenges. By selling donated clothes the agencies raise billions of dollars. In that way, they directly support career counseling and job training for the ones who face employment challenges. They accept books, clothing, household items such as dishes, and electronics.

Art Start NYC

This is a program for at-risk youth in NYC. It is for kids living in homeless shelters, involved in criminal cases, or whose parents are in crisis. You can donate art supplies directly to the students. In case you have some art-specific items and tools you should explore benefits of renting plastic bins for moving and rent a moving bin.All in all, donating is a great experience so make sure you know where to donate the items you no longer need. You throw away what you don't need. In addition, you are helping someone at the same time. It will make you feel better and people will be grateful to you. The world can be cruel, but if we try we can make the world a better place little by little.