Dec 1, 2023

Why is labeling your boxes so important when moving?

Why is labeling your boxes so important when moving?

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When you're moving house, packing is one of the biggest things on your to-do list. And because it's a pretty important task, there are a few things you can do to make sure you're packing properly. One of the things you can do to pack your boxes like a pro is to take the time and label them. If you're hearing everybody talk about how important labeling your boxes is but you don't know why, we're here to explain. We'll tell you why you should label your eco friendly moving boxes and how to do it properly. So, let's dive in and see how to make packing and labeling a success.

The importance of labeling your boxes when moving

When you're labeling your moving boxes, it's extremely important to make it clear if a box contains fragile objects. When it comes to these items, they are easily breakable and require special care. Therefore, you can't handle them in the same way you would a box containing, say, your clothes.

A couple talking next to moving boxes

It's of great importance that you make it known if any of your boxes contain fragile items.The ''fragile'' label lets you know that the box needs to be carefully carried, loaded onto the truck and transported. You need to be cautious when dealing with these boxes if you don't want to damage your belongings. The label will show you that you should place these boxes on top of other sturdy boxes and that you shouldn't put anything on top of them. It will also remind you how to organize the storage bins you're putting in a storage unit for a while. So, take labeling moving boxes seriously to protect your breakable items.

It lets the movers know how to load the truck

Taking a few extra minutes when packing to write labels on your boxes will make the movers' job so much easier. Or if you're not working with movers but loading the truck on your own, it will make your job easier.The labels let you know what lies in each box, thus making it simpler to properly load the truck. For example, you wouldn't put a heavy box of books on top of a box of fragile items, right? So, the labels serve as a guide for loading the truck and making sure that you don't cause damages to your belongings.

Labeling your boxes makes unpacking easier

Another reason why labeling moving bins is so important is that it will serve as a guide while you're unpacking. What we mean by that the labels will help you unpack in a more efficient and organized manner.

A couple unpacking a box

If you have labeled your boxes, unpacking your belongings will be much easier and quicker.All you have to do is look at the labels you wrote and put the boxes in the appropriate room. Even though you don't have to unpack all the boxes in one day, putting them in the room where they belong will make the world of a difference. That is why we suggest that your labels say which room the boxes should be in.

How to label your boxes properly

Now that you know that labeling your moving containers will make your move go smoother, all that's left to do is to learn how to label properly. Don't worry, you can label the boxes whether you rent moving supplies or you buy new ones. It's important to write the labels in the right way if you want them to be as useful as possible. So, we'll give you some labeling tips and tricks to help you label boxes like a pro.

Come up with a system for labeling your boxes

First of all, why don't you figure out a labeling system that works for you? There are a few different ways you can categorize your boxes. Here are a few ways you can write your labels:

  • Write the contents of the box - books, clothes, cosmetics, etc.
  • Write what room the contents are from - living room, kitchen, kids' room, bedroom, etc.
  • Who does the box belong to? Does it have your stuff, your kids' or your partner's stuff?
  • Combine the abovementioned methods

Print labels

In case you decided to rent moving boxes, you can't exactly write on them. Don't worry, there's still a way to put labels on your boxes. Just print some! You can find pre-designed label templates online or create your own. These will come in handy for rented boxes, plastic containers, etc.

Use a permanent marker

If you want to write the labels yourself, you need the appropriate tool for labeling your boxes. Don't worry, you don't need any fancy equipment. All you need is a good permanent marker.

Woman labeling boxes for moving

If you want your labels to stay in place, it's best to go for a permanent marker.When you're writing the labels, you don't want them to disappear or get smudged. That is why using a marker that is permanent is handy. You'll be sure that the labels will stay in place no matter what. Also, we recommend going for a black marker that is easy to read and that is very visible on cardboard boxes.

Make sure the labels are big and clear

If you're labeling your moving supplies, you want the labels to serve their purpose. Therefore, it's crucial to make them easy to spot and easy to read. The labels should be visible from all angles, so it's best to write them on all sides of the boxes. Other than that, you should write the labels in large letters and tidy handwriting.

Grab a marker and start labeling

So, as you can tell, labeling your boxes is a pretty important step in the packing process. Luckily, it's a pretty easy job that doesn't take a long time. Therefore, there's no reason not to do it. Trust us, it will improve your moving experience and make the relocation go a little smoother. So, do yourself a favor and take a few extra minutes to write labels on your boxes.