Dec 1, 2023

Why you should never use bin bags for relocation

Why you should never use bin bags for relocation

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Many people use different moving supplies. However, the problem is when people lose time and money during their relocation. This happens when people use either wrong packing materials or when they spend money on the wrong ones. We at Capital City Bins will help you learn how to pack and move like a pro without anyone telling you you're doing it wrong. Therefore, make sure you stay with us and we will tell you, among other things, why you should never use bin bags for relocation.

What are the best moving supplies to lean on when relocating?

There are so many things you need to look after when moving, from finding reliable movers on time to figuring out how to disassemble your bulky furniture. Luckily, we know how to help you both assemble and disassemble your furniture without making you sweat. Anyway, as we said, there are many ways to pack efficiently without spending a lot of money. One good way to do it is to hire professionals who will help you pack. They will use their own material and will do their best to keep your belongings safe. On the other hand, if you're more interested in saving money and being minimalistically oriented, we advise you to check out our plastic moving containers. Those will help you pack all your items without ever damaging them. This is also the alternative to bin bags. We will tell you a bit later on why you should never use bin bags for relocation.

man lying covered in boxes

You need to buy cardboard boxes for your move, or do you?To continue, there are several crucial things you need to have when packing for your relocation. The first and the most important ones are moving boxes. These fellas are amazing for so many different occasions but seal the deal when it comes to packing. Therefore, make sure you keep in mind that you need to get moving boxes as soon as possible. Here are some other things you need to get when preparing your packing to-do list:

  • Cushioning materials - This includes bubble wrap and protective materials
  • Labeling materials - You should get these that include markers and sticky notes in different colors
  • Sealing materials - This refers to duct tape and in some instances glue

Do you know what you should move along with when relocating?

Although the main topic revolves around things you should never use bin bags for relocation, we should tell you something else as well. Even though there are some things you should never use when packing, there are also things you should never move with you. That's because those things are either illegal or dangerous, and the reasons behind them are valid. Once you learn this, you will potentially save money on your future relocation. Now, let's see what you should definitely leave behind when moving:

  • Perishable items - This includes food and drinks. It would be good to donate that food to the local charity.
  • Household cleaners - As you already know, these are flammable. Therefore, make sure you leave this behind.
  • Ammunition - Let's be serious here, you know this is in the gray zone. Make sure you keep this in mind.
  • Your personal documents - It's really important to keep all your important documents close to you when moving. No one can guarantee the safety of your stuff if you are not the first one keeping an eye on them.

You should never use bin bags for relocation

So, to be honest, moving is a tedious and overwhelming process. You don't need any potential damage on your hands. In order to avoid any damage and problems you may face throughout your move, you need to keep in mind some things. First of all, you need to know that you shouldn't use bin bags for relocation. There are various reasons for it but the most obvious one is that it leaves your things susceptible to damage. Let's face it - bin bags are not plastic containers we mentioned previously. Therefore, you need to know that there is not a single reason why you should use these bags when moving. The crucial thing as to why you shouldn't use plastic bags is that they are not eco-friendly!

plastic bag in front of the door

Make sure you avoid using plastic bags when moving.Still, there are some instances where you could actually use bin bags when moving. And although we know we've been telling you not to use them, you could if you don't want them to go to waste. Here are the only reasons that justify the use of plastic bin bags when moving:

  • Getting rid of unnecessary items after decluttering
  • Packing soft items such as linens or stuffed toys
  • Your old or seasonal clothes

The list of reasons why you should never use bin bags for relocation

Let's continue being honest - even some movers will deny moving your items if they see you packed them in plastic bags. That's because they are professionals who know all the pros and cons of moving belongings. Therefore, we advise you to think through when planning to move stuff with your plastic bin bags. We will name the most obvious cons, or let's say downsides of plastic bin bags:

  • Those are weak and could tear up
  • Some moving companies will refuse to move your items in plastic bin bags
  • You can only pack so much in your plastic bin bags
  • They can damage the environment and are everything but eco-friendly

How to move efficiently without breaking your bank?

Alright, so we told you the most obvious and relevant reasons as to why you should never use bin bags for relocation. Now, it's time to help you move to your new house without damaging anything. In case you have to pack your home office for a move, this advice will also come in handy. Here are some crucial things you need to do when planning a move:

  • Plan your budget
  • Contact movers as soon as possible
  • Use adequate packing materials
  • Update your address and cancel monthly subscriptions
A couple throwing high five over a box

You will see this will pay off for you!

In conclusion

Finally, we told you all you needed to know when it comes to the reasons why you should never use bin bags for relocation. Now it's your turn to show yourself what you learned and pack up your stuff. On the other hand, you could consider buying rental truck insurance if you plan on moving on your own. That's because your items are precious and if you are moving them, you want to make sure everything goes just as you planned.