Dec 1, 2023

Why you should never use your car for relocation to NYC?

Why you should never use your car for relocation to NYC?

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Planning a move isn't an easy job to do. To properly organize your relocation, you must choose the right packing material, mode of transportation, and reliable movers. It is not easy to make the right choice regarding everything as there is a lot of option to choose from. Many would agree that investing in quality boxes from Capital City Bins is spending money wisely. To compensate for the cost of better quality moving supplies, people opt to use their car for relocation. If you find yourself in the same dilemma, you might opt for the same solution. However, even if it sounds tempting, you should never use your car for relocation to NYC. Many things can go wrong if you choose your car as a mode of transportation for your packed items.

Reasons why should you never use your car for relocating to NYC

The size of your car is not in your favor when you are using it for relocation. The size of your packed items is usually considerably larger than the size of your car. You only have a trunk and back sits to use, and that’s not nearly enough. You can only put a couple of green storage bins, and this makes your move way longer than if you use the moving truck. The biggest setback when using your car for relocation is that you can't transport all your items at once. You will have to make several trips, and this isn't convenient when you want to save some money. However, you can find ways to save fuel when driving, but it's still not cost-effective as using a moving truck.

never use your car for relocation to NYC that is parked on the street

You do not have enough space in your car.

There will be a higher chance of damages and injuries

The car isn't made to be used as a means of transportation for relocation. It's fine to use your car to transport yourself, essential box, pet, or plants. However, even if you got better moving supplies, the damages and injuries still may happen. You can injure your back when loading boxes in the car or your fingers, feet, and so on. To assure better protection for your items, you should use green moving boxes as they are

  • multi-purpose
  • crush-proof
  • don’t need to assemble
  • cost-effective

The weather could pose a big problem when you are using your car for relocation. This is especially evident when you are moving while snowing. In winter, the road visibility is poor, the streets are covered in snow and ice, and you need to drive a fully packed car in these conditions. This sounds like a formula for disaster, and you don’t want to risk it.

a doctor putting a hand in a cast

You can easily injure yourself.

Think twice before you decide to use your car for relocation

If you are doing packing by yourself, you know that it will take time, concentration, and heavy lifting. This all will drain you mentally and physically. Additionally, you will hardly take some time to rest after the packing. More likely, you will start right away to load your car and transporting some items. Your concentration won't be good, and you will risk possible car accidents and serious injuries. This is why you should never use your car for relocation to NYC.