Dec 1, 2023

Why you shouldn't rely on your friends when moving house

Why you shouldn't rely on your friends when moving house

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Just as much as the help of a friend can mean to you, just as much as it can have a bad effect. In this text, you will find several reasons why you shouldn't rely on your friends when moving. So, if you have already decided to move, do it yourself and with professionals. But there is another thing that is very important this time and that is to rent moving supplies. You can’t start the moving process if you don’t have the right moving supplies for your stuff. It's very important that your things are properly and safely packed for moving.

Plastic boxes with clothes packed inside.

Plastic boxes are an ideal and safe way to pack all your things.

Prepare for your moving on the right way

You have probably heard many times before, that moving is a very stressful process. So, when you start this process, our advice is to contact a trusted company for moving supplies. Also, your friends have already started telling you what and how you should do. Which in addition only confuses you and causes unnecessary stress. That is why it's very important that when you plan this process, you shouldn't rely on friends and relatives. So, it’s perfectly fine to consult with friends, but not to involve them in this process. Because it can make things even more difficult for you.The first thing you need to do is determine a moving day. After that, start making your moving plan. In the to-do list of your plan, don't forget to write that it's necessary to obtain all the necessary packaging. These can be plastic moving containers, boxes, bags, etc. It's very important to pay attention to this because you need the right packaging to pack your things. Start with packing on time, and be prepared for your moving day on the right way.

Help of your friends when moving.

The help of friends can be inconvenient, and you shouldn't rely on your friends when moving.

Why you shouldn't rely on your friends when moving

There are many reasons why you shouldn't rely on friends during this process. As well as to completely exclude them from it. Some of them are:

  • Big's favor. Having someone by your side during the entire relocation process, and that isn't a moving company, is considered big's favor. Your friends will probably think that you will do them the same favor or some other. Or you will honor them with some money. So, this can cause embarrassing situations or maybe badly affect your long-term friendship. Because you may not be able to do that.
  • They might be unaware of some common packing mistakes which can lead to damaging your possessions. Hiring professionals is much more convenient.
  • Don't be their boss, they will misunderstand. If your friends have volunteered to help you, think carefully about accepting help. Because when you tell them what to do, they can misunderstand it. That’s why our advice is to always turn to movers who are trained for it.
  • Time. Time is perhaps the main reason why you shouldn't rely on friends when moving. So when you agree on help, you will probably tell them to come at a time that suits them. For some, it can be in the morning and for some late in the afternoon. And so moving can last longer. And you know, that you need to start preparations for moving in time to be ready for the moving day.