Winter storage tips you should try

Winter storage tips you should try

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There are many reasons to pack and store your inventory. By packing and storing, you can free up space, declutter and make your home look neat. There is no wrong time to start storing your inventory away. You can even pack and store your inventory during Winter. After all, you have to make space for all the Christmas decorations, cozy blankets, and winter-themed décor. If you're starting in Winter, you should check out these Winter storage tips you should try this year. If you're packing your inventory for the move, you can also look for Capital City Bins' green box rentals to save yourself from additional stress and problems.

Choose where you'll store your inventory

Choosing where you'll put items away is the most important step when it comes to storage. Your storage unit determines how you're going to store your inventory this winter. Depending on where you plan to store your items, you will need to follow different rules. You won't store and protect your items the same way if you keep them in your home, a garage, or an actual storage unit. When using your home as a storage unit, you have plenty of options. You can either use an attic, a garage, or a storage room to put away your items during the winter. In that case, you don't need to prepare too much. Don't forget to get green storage bins, either by renting or buying. If your home is too small and there is no storage space, don't worry. Storage units are a good option in that case.

home exterior with garage

You can either use an attic, a garage, or a storage room to put away your items during the winter.

Winter storage tips for putting your items away

If you have recently finished a winter decluttering project and now want to store the clutter away, you must follow some storage tips first. Sure, you can just put things away without any plans or preparation. That, however, can cost you a lot and can cause lots of trouble. By not storing your items properly, you risk damaging your inventory and so much more. To avoid damage when storing items for the winter, make sure to follow these tips and stay safe.

  • Make sure all of your items are clean and prepared for storage. To avoid mold or corrosion, clean all of your items before packing and preparing them. On top of that, clean your storage space.
  • Know what to store and what to avoid putting away. Not all things are entirely safe to store. For example, electronics and furniture are very tricky to store. They should be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit, and even then, some rules are to be followed. For example, don't keep your electronic devices on the floor. This can damage them, especially during the winter, because the floor temperature drops easily, even in a climate-controlled unit.
  • Use packing materials. You should use packing materials for storage, just like you use moving bins when relocating. To ensure that your items are safe and sound, fill your boxes, use duct tape, et cetera. Packing materials serve both as insulators and can protect your items from impact when they fall.
  • Put your summer clothes away. You won't need shorts and flip-flops when it's cold outside. The best way to store your wardrobe away is by using "space saver bags" which you can find online. They'll be protected from pests and damage.
winter storage tips boxes and materials

Try out these winter storage tips to keep your things safe!

A few more things to pay attention to when storing your items

However, there are a few more things you should pay attention to when storing your items over Winter. You should pay attention to these tips as well.

  • Safely put away your tools and garden equipment. This is an extremely important step in packing your inventory. You won't need these items because you surely won't tend to your lawn when it's snowing, so you should store them during the winter months. Make space for winter tools, such as shovels and snow blowers. Make sure to thoroughly clean your tools and remove gas before storing anything. The best place to keep your tools and machines in would be a storage unit or garage. This way, they'd be protected from cold, rain, moisture and snow, and wouldn't rust.
  • Speaking of moisture and cold, there are useful hacks to protect your items in storage. Use pallets to raise your items and keep them off the floor. Also, put items that are less temperature-sensitive by the walls of your storage unit. You can also put insulated packages and items that can help deflect the cold. You should also use this hack when relocating and use quality moving crates NYC that will protect your items from the cold and damage.
  • Do not use vinyl and plastic covers. Using these materials to cover your stored items during Winter is a bad idea. This is because these materials trap moisture, which can be harmful and cause damage to your items. On top of that, the Winter cold can cause the plastic and vinyl sheets to become brittle and easy to break. Instead, you should use cotton or wool covers which can help keep your items insulated.
couple busy with packing boxes

It all comes down to what you're storing and where you're storing it.

To put items away during Winter is easy with the right tips

Hopefully, these winter storage tips you should try are going to be of help as you prepare to store your items away. We know it's hard to pack and find the right materials. When you're relocating, you should rent reusable moving bins so that you won't have to search for additional materials which can both break the bank and be difficult to dispose of. However, when you just want to put away things you no longer need, storage bins and storage units are the best choices for you. Whatever the case, Capital City Bins wishes you an easy and quick Winter storage experience! Call us and rent green moving supplies today!